About Martin

Martin HolguinMartin Holguin has always been passionate about running and physical fitness. Growing up in El Paso Texas, Martin’s favorite activities included baseball, basketball, football, and soccer–one of his favorite college basketball movies, Glory Road, features his undergraduate alma mater, the University of Texas at El Paso. Martin has lived in every corner of the United States, from California to Indiana to Hawaii, and thus has had the opportunity to run in some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Today, Mr. Holguin enjoys ocean swimming and jogging up and down the coast in San Diego, California. While an avid marathon runner, he has yet to complete an ultramarathon, which is one of his current goals. Martin usually logs anywhere between 70 and 110 miles a month. He recommends using Nike+ and DailyMile for keeping track of races, routes, times, and distances, as having keeping track of your records can inspire you to work even harder.

When he’s not running, Martin Holguin is busy completing his EMBA at the University of Notre Dame, and serving in the US Navy as an Integrated Air and Ballistic Missile Defense Planner for the US Third Fleet Commander’s staff.